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what house!?
Thu, 04 Aug 2005 14:31:21

Strange times. Early in some morning i find myself in the studentroom of a metal/grunge type of guy. Two more guys are present and a girl and me. She has fallen asleep long ago although metal/grunge is hammering on her eardrum on louder than loud level, maybe because it has hammered on for some hours already. The neighbours don't complain either which is a bit strange considering it has gone on for hours. The guys are singing along on the top of their longs. Neighbours and girl are quite fine with this also. I don't always sing along cause 1. i don't know all the songs 2. i'm a bit shy. On the other side of town my girlfriend is going to bed. We went out together but somewhere along the line the group split up in girls and boys groups. While we were doing male-accepted karaoke, she was doing female-accepted karaoke (you know with white text turning red and all) untill she got to tired.

All of this hasn't got so much to do with the point of this entry. Except for the fact that first i'm in a little filthy room, surrounded by smoke, booze, and screaming and sleeping people and several hours later, i'm standing next to a huge mansion, looking at a small cute wooden cabin to move into with my girlfriend and our dog. And what kind of cabin!! It looks out over a lake. The sun sets on the other side of that lake so we can sit on the little stairs in front of our house seeing the deer drink their last sips before dark, after which they happily skip away. Perhaps you now have a pretty picture in your mind, but i can assure you that the real picture is quite a bit more pretty.

The problem is that this perfect cabin is situated seven kilometers from Eskilstuna, and so a whole array of practical problems pop up. Boring!!! Problems with the dog, monthly bus tickets, we can't rent it to other people while we live in holland, friends won't just come over (like they did in the first place). And we actually have a backup plan. Just a few weeks ago an old lady died and we can get her apartment. We can see it from our apartment and it's 200 kroner cheaper and we don't have to buy a monthly bus ticket. So perfect cabin vs reliable apartment. Which to choose!! Ohhh.... which to choose!!! The exitement!!! The anguish!!! Hmm, doooonutttttsssssssssss???? doh!!!

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