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> blog post well slap me Europe and call me eightties

well slap me Europe and call me eightties
Sat, 27 Aug 2005 16:26:45

Well what have i hanging on my bike???!?!?!?! (dutch expression) For the last month i have been terrorised by this mobile phone commercial about some hairpermed eightties rockers thrashing various street objects and harrassing this guy who clearly didnt do anything wrong while screaming "breaking the chains, BREAKING THE CHAINS!!!!". The guy was just minding his buisiness walking the street, and rightly so this man got quite fed up with the asocial behaviour. So he bought their videoclip for his mobile phone, and the permed guys were never heard of again.

You can imagine my surprise at the Eskilstuna Sommarens Sista Suck festival when Crashdiet entered the stage and did their first song. "breaking the chains, BREAKING THE CHAINS!!!!" they sang. What the %$%#&&$&%*&? Should i be surprised? After all this is the land of Europe. "It's the final countdown", tudududu tudu du du du. The guy next to me he saw the lead singer eight years ago, dressed up as he is now. So it's no joke. From the band's point of view anyway. And they played great in their Def Leopard kind of way. Here you can have a taste.

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