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> blog post ucw news: ucw-boxset, intro colorized, ucw_ajax

ucw news: ucw-boxset, intro colorized, ucw_ajax
Tue, 09 May 2006 18:55:08

Marco Baringer wrapped ucw_dev and its dependencies in a daily updated tar. It should be fully self-contained. Just unpack it and load the start.lisp file.

For your patching pleasure the darcs repo for the downloading scripts is to be found at

In related news: since the last post i updated the ucw intro tutorial to include a few more short chapters, some bugfixes, bladibla... But much more important: it's got lisp code coloring and clhs redirection! Thanks for wojtekk for suggesting the idea, and for Julian Stecklina who just handed me the code on a platter when i visited his site. And thanks for Brian Mastenbrook for making colorize, and thanks of course goes to John McCarthy for supplying Lisp. Just needed to switch to the cl-ppcre regex replacer and solve a conflict between com.gigamonkeys.markup and colorize who both want to escape my html. In the current setup the code doesn't colorize comments, but i'm to lazy to turn the scheme around for such a little gain.

Also some daring rebels have started an ajax ucw branch. The darcs repository is located at . Mind you, it's very young. In fact, it's not even populated yet at the time of writing.


on Wed, 10 May 2006 04:25:47 Vagif Verdi said:

It would be great if someone posted information on whcih lisps ucw_boxset runs. And not just listing lisps, but also telling on what particular platform.

Because for example lispworks listed as supported platform. But it is not true. I'm using Lispworks on windows. And i cannot load ucw. Errors, errors, errors.

So something like this: lispworks linux lispworks Macos bla bla SBSL linux

would be great.

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