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> blog post ten bloody days of nasty torture

ten bloody days of nasty torture
Sat, 16 Apr 2005 04:03:07

made it... made it to the other side. other side. other side. But i am tired... and afraid. For these ten days herald an infinity of days of nasty torture. At the end of which i will not be the boy i used to be.

Yes i am writing about my new job at the bakery where people work weeks of ten days in a row and don't complain about it. The real depths of the horror i have been through i will not tell you because my brain decided it was best that my conciousness could not tap into that information. It was not the getting up at two or tree in the morning that got to me. It was not biking to my work in the rain for half an hour, and after my tire flattened, biking on a midgit bike through the rain that got me. It was the merry couple of exaustion and stress, which nearly broke me; which will in the near future rule me for the bigger part of my waking life. Welcome to the working world you will tell me, and i will tell you to switch jobs.

The real monarch of this workman's nightmare is of course stress. Exaustion is merely the page that follows it's master. I have to smear sandwiches and make cakes. One hundred and sixty on an average day divided into 28 different kinds, to be made by a staff of two. The major delimitor of our time is the two daily shipment of the sandwiches, or smörgåsar, to the CITY( yes, a sinister sounding string combo should be inserted here). There the bulk of them are sold so the driver won't drive before we are ready. I at least can feel hate feelings from the whole bakery being cast in my direction when he can't go after he should.

Of course the more time i get, the less stress i feel, the less i will strain myself, the less i will feel exausted... the more money will be lost by my bosses. The pace is murdering. The girl before me worked for eight months but she couldn't handle the stress. Before her worked a string of girls, no more than a couple of months. They could not handle the stress. Before them worked a girl who worked before my bakery got the store in the CITY (cue strings), now three years ago. She got totally fed up.

The red tape running through this member administration is my co-worker. Proud,.. real proud mother of five and also the most immidiate obstacle in my persuit of a stressless existence. She herself has a fair amount of stress bestowed upon herself. Being a mother of five and all.. and having a garden. She gets a rash on the hands and arms from this much stress so she must wear protective cloathing so the sandwiches won't have to suffer.

A mother of five stands between me and a peaceful quiet life. She wants to work in her garden so she wants to go home soon. An hour shorter for her means hours of extra stress for me, cause she goes home soon and i have the responsibility for the on-time delivery of the smörgåsar.

She hasn't even stepped up the pressure that much but already i am making days of ten hours. After she is gone i turn to the other staff-members with piercing questions like "where's the mayonaise?" whilst glaring scared at the clock. As the days went by, my muscles started protesting more and more and my brain turned more and more into goulash soup. Stress and exaustion caused me to wander why i was standing in the cooler all of a sudden. The most basic parts of my breadsmearer education were irretrievable for seconds on end, causing me to strikingly mimic a sleeping comatose dead person, before they wobbled into sight again.

As of the coming week the mother of five will be on her old schedule and i will miss her lightning-fast bread preperation ability for two more hours. Me, her and the boss have already been in a litte bit of a crisis about this. Me saying i will never make it and i want her to work more. Co-worker saying i am to slow for this job. Boss saying "ah we'll see".

The boss is right so i am right now very tempted to resort to drugs. Yesterday i could not stand the temptation and i went over the edge: i took a cup of coffee. For some a somewhat invigorating beverage, to me a liquid enemy. In the short run a strengthening ally but in the long run a stress inducing wrecker of mind.

As you can read i am off the rails. This might be my last post on this site before i loose it. It was nice to have written for you.


on Sun, 17 Apr 2005 05:49:45 Zussssssss said:

Ohhhhh lieve lieve ties!! wat een kutbaas en wat een KUTwijf die moeder!! Ze zijn gek daar. Te veel werk te weinig mensen. Al jaren blijkbaar en dom om steeds iemand anders te scharrelen totdat ie overspannen is. Vroeg op is nog het minst erg. Kon ik je maar redden ha. Opzouten denk je maar zelfs Peet geeft aan dat dit niet kan Ha!!! Ik bel je vandaag. Wilde dat niet tijdens die 10 dagen doen. XXX

on Mon, 18 Apr 2005 07:13:19 muf said:

what a great title!

on Mon, 18 Apr 2005 18:09:57 ronnie said:

hang in there ties, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ... so they say. Lets hope they (who ever that may be) is rigth.

Good luck my friend.

on Tue, 19 Apr 2005 08:26:50 marjaars said:

I hope you'll find a new job soon, i don't want to miss your writings, you see ;-)Hang in there and stand up for yourself, those people you work with are nasty!

on Wed, 20 Apr 2005 04:41:38 knaks said:

I'll have to disagree with ronnie because he is also completely naar de getver after a week of work and this is only 5 days; to call him strong... Must be very frustrating to see H finish her nosejob and you having start one in a bakery (cue pre-taped-audience-laughter). O well, they have to protect the autochtonous population in some way. See it from the positive side: you're lucky they haven't hired verdonk yet.

on Sat, 14 May 2005 14:48:30 NIL said:

hey! Why is nothing happening here..? Have some people lost their touch?

on Mon, 16 May 2005 15:28:24 tieze said:

yes dare me why dont you, anonymous coward

on Mon, 16 May 2005 18:42:25 knaks said:

does this silence mean you're still working 7 days a week?

on Sun, 22 May 2005 09:54:30 ronnie said:

He ties,

Now is the moment to start writing again. Get up and write. You'll notice that it will relieve you in more than one way. To bad you can't be at my birthday-party next weekend. It was nice to see you sleeping al night long with your bare feet last year.

Hang on and write !!!!

on Mon, 23 May 2005 06:36:42 christian said:

Hang in there Ties, take care of yourself, and don't overwork yourself, remember the horror that happened to Ronnie...

on Mon, 23 May 2005 10:13:11 muf said:

ties! damned! i'm dying for a new post!

on Wed, 25 May 2005 08:31:32 Hanna said:

You go boys! I will put some extra pressure on him to write. Hey Ronald, are you planning to come visit us? That would be great!

on Wed, 25 May 2005 09:44:04 muf said:

ties is spoiling his fame, you are soooo jaded!

on Wed, 25 May 2005 14:55:09 tieze said:

ok i can get a hint...

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