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Fri, 02 Mar 2007 10:26:05

Some projects i've been working on and which might be of use:

In Common Lisp:

Armish - an arm assembler

It's an arm assembler, in common lisp, with a lispy syntax. See the Armish project page. It transforms assembler forms into opcodes, suitable to run on an arm processor.

Liards - a Nintendo DS rom compiler

builds upon Armish. It transforms assembler forms into an NDS rom file. To be run on an emulator or of course the real thing, if you've got the right hardware. See the Liards project page.

Wart - a simple content management add-on for UncommonWeb.

It's a quick hack to be able to easily maintain text on a website, on the coding side as well as on the text maintaining side. You can define a text format by clicking together different blocks like header, intro, body, date... Once the format is defined, you can put it on a page add new instances of that format which stack on top of eachother. All the maintenance is done through a website interface, where one can add, delete and edit the items. Markup is handled by the markdown format.

This library is the answer one might say to spaghetti-monster, an earlier content maintainence attempt a bit further down the list. Persistence through Elephant, markdown through cl-markdown, power through lisp and a bit more experience through spaghetti-monster, makes this one a whole lot more elegant and to the point than spaghetti-monster, be it a bit less feature-full.

Get it through darcs. Type:
darcs get http://

UCW intro - An ucw tutorial

It's a tutorial for UncommonWeb, a serverside persistence web-framework, which is perhaps a bit tricky to get into, but is fun to work with. Ucw basically treats websites like a normal application. It saves state between page-views on the server itself, which is kinda... uncommon.

I made this tutorial to make some sense out of ucw, for myself and for others. It's been a while since i looked at it. The last time was the 28th of July, 2006. The example code works fine for my version of ucw_dev, but i'll soon check it on newer versions. Do complain if stuff falters.

Read it on the ucw wiki.

In C:

Bookbaker - a Gameboy Advance ebook maker

Makes ebooks for the Gameboy Advance. For Linux and Windows. A clone of the (wonderful) gba ebook maker by Dan Cotter. I rewrote the functionality to satisfy my own tastes, to be able to implement my own needs and to have some GBA programming fun.

get a zip at: get a tar.gz at:

or get the darcs repository: darcs get http://


Spaghetti-monster - A site management utility belt

Started out as a forum but grew to become a site builder/manager. This thing is mostly a scratch an itch affair. Slowly it grew feature upon feature: Edit posts on-line and in place, login, rss, image resizing, image uploading, multiple-language support, some ajax stuff, etc...

It powers a few sites, under which this one. It works for me, and i'm a bit attached to this rugged ol' beast, but if i'd do it all again i'd go more along the lines of what i sketched in the wart library above.

If you still want to check it out, download the darcs repository. Issue a:
darcs get http://


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