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Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:14:52

Yes they exist!! Woman on tv who are not pretty!! And i can see them every day here in Sweden. No pretty women being pretty and no smartly dressed men with huge jawbones being grave at my breakfast-table.

The woman on the left is the state tv morning anchor, also called turtleneck in some circles, and she is extremely sweet. The woman on the right is an EU analist. (click picture to enlarge) They could be your aunt, or your neighbour and you wouldn't even blink an eye, yet even not pretty woman can have stuff to say on tv, isn't that amazing!!

Apparently the state tv has a policy against pretty people. If you want to climb the ranks in this organisation you have to be butt-ugly. But there are boundries. If you are TOO ugly, then you will find yourself and your uglyness in the middle of the public debate. The woman on the right found herself in one of those.

It was to big. Her hairdo was TOO BIG. It was twice the size it is now, upwards and sidewards, and that is just plain illegal in Sweden. No matter how good your EU insights are. So she had to cut it off. And she did. And that's just a plain shame.


on Fri, 04 Mar 2005 06:00:25 knaks said:

Although most of the time I need to applaud when reading your stuff, I do have one comment on the website itself: there is no place at all for off-topic comments. That basically means I will just pose you a question right here, in the ugly-women-on-tv section: in my neurotic preoccupation with topographical maps I have been searching for the exact location of Eskilstuna. Shamefully, I do not have a clue where it is until this very day. Could you help me out here?

on Fri, 04 Mar 2005 06:29:09 tieze said:

yes i can actually! eskilstuna is here. click the map to enlarge to whole of sweden or to zoom in to street level. no google maps interface, but nice.

and ok, u whine and i implement. i'll make some off-topic comment section, but wait for it, cause i'm gonna integrate it in some pretty sleek technology scheme :D

Damn, i tried to keep the nerd-talk off this site.

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