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on the weather
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 18:27:41

Ok, i don't know why, but i have the feeling i need to talk about the weather. I detest talking about the weather but i feel an incredible urge. Perhaps it's safe to conclude that really conversation topics really own humans in stead of the other way around. So this is the weather-meme talking through me i guess.

Well surprise, surprise: it is cold in Sweden. It snows in sweden. There is lots and lots of ice in Sweden. So it's how dutch people want their winters, but never get. It's also how Swedish people always get them, but never want.

On my arrival it didn't snow, but it started snowing like four days after i got their. And from that moment the Swedish started whining: 'oh no!!! now it's slippery' or 'oh no!!! now i can't drive to my mom in this snow-storm'. They also started whining on tv:'oh nooo!! lot's of car accidents!!'. Whine whine whine...

And there i am: lonely dutch boy. All this snow and no one to share it with. At an earlier visit i innocently fabricated a snowball and playfully threw it at her. Pure hatred poored out of her eyes when she turned around to look at me. I asked people if they like snow, and they just don't. They also don't skate on the ice. We Dutch have in vain waited over a decade to be able to ride our Elfstedentocht, where some skaters are cold over a 200 kilometer course across eleven vilages. Some researchers say we will never ever be able to ride one. The Swedes could ride an Elvastäderutflykt in august... more or less.

The Swedish actually have their own yearly silly ritual. A gigantic langlauf event called Vasaloppet. It stretches across only 90 kilometers, crosses only nine vilages but it has a heroic story about an escaping Swedish king attached to it. Hatefull Dutch people embrace, cause the Vasaloppet will probably also not commence this year, due to lack of snow, due to global warming.

Stuff is not all cake and egg in Sweden weatherwise. It's 20 degrees above normal. It usuallly between 20 and 30 below at this time of year. It now is just below zero. Which makes for some disgusting snow. Some days before the temperature rose above zero and it started to rain. The piles of snow became huge slabs of black-brown slush-puppy material which you can not avoid sinking your feet in when you are walking to some place. We noticed some ducks fucking already which is not good. First of all cause the males tend to rape the females, but also cause the chicks will probably die when they are born so soon in the year.

Save the ducklins, stop using your refrigurator, or something...


on Wed, 23 Feb 2005 13:30:37 Juan said:

Hi Ties, Nice reading all your adventures from abroad, nice site/pictures as well. Overhere in Holland winter is starting finally, it snowed today!!!! But the true reason I'm giving a comment is my question: Have you seen the nose already? And how does it go with it? Later, Maarten.

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