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no house
Sat, 13 Aug 2005 13:48:04

In the evening of the sixth of august i was dead tired; emotionally drained. A week later it is still hard to think about that day without feeling the tears burning at the back of my eyes. It was the day a great hope died in me, it was the day i knew i would not live in a lovely Swedish red cabin.

In the morning my hangover girlfriend got a call from the cabin lord, or the cabin master or whatever you wish to call him: the guy that owns the cabin. The day before i did call him to present him our ultimatum of lowering the price and he accepted. Yes indeedy. Until i got a job or until six months later. But that was more for the contract he said. If by then i didn´t have a job we could work something out and they could perhaps pull some strings. Strange people. But they really wanted us to live in that cabin. They really liked us, and who can blame them? Did i mention that when we said that we didn't have a car they told us we could use theirs? And when they heard we didn't have a licence they said they could do our shopping now and again.

So everything was set. The cabin lord asked grllfrnd if we really wanted the cabin cause then he would cancel the next house-visiting round that afternoon. “Yes of course,” grlfrnd said, “we have had more than enough time to think about this.” Ok, fine, he was gonna come over around lunch to sign the contract with us. And so we cleaned the house of course and were very happy. But then grrlfrnd became not so happy and thought it was a terrible idea, living in the cabin. But then she cleared up and thought it was a very good idea.

But then she thought it was a very bad idea, living in a cabin. And so her thoughts yoyo-ed around for a bit, until they settled on a definite no. No because of all kinds of impractical situations that would accompany living in a little cabin, twenty minutes from the city centre. And what can you do about this. If i was a bit more forceful, i could perhaps force her to live in the cabin, but than again maybe not. To be fair she was and is really right about this, but i don't really want to know. Lalalala lalalala.

Now the timing of this sudden decision was maybe a bit off from my perspective, but spot on if you were after dramatic effect. It was already a bit over twelve so the cabin lord could ring the doorbell any minute now, bristling with joy because he would get such a fine set of tenants. What should we do? We must call! Who must call? Grllfrnd of course. She didn't want the house. So i said i agreed to not go and live in the perfect little cabin but i was not gonna call. To save face i felt i should at least win one round of the emotional bargaining deal. But she didn't dare to. So it seemed like the cabin lord would still come by our house and sign the contract with us even though we were under very silent protest. But this i could not tolerate. So i drank the poisonous cup to the last drop and called him while my girl was hiding in the bedroom.


We thought the cabin lord would be damn angry with us. Hell, we would be. But the next day he called us up to see if we couldn't patch things over. What was our problem exactly. Hmm, perhaps he could move the cabin to the centre, give us driving lessons or give us their first born child. But we declined saying he could do nothing for us. But gosh, we must be really nice people.

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