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Sat, 10 Dec 2005 09:02:34

Yes, another blog. Sorry for that. But i read a couple of negative articles concerning Lisp and then came the Reddit setback and i thought: "Damnit, it's time to fight back." Some guys i know have started a musician-friendly record label focussed on internet and i helped them a bit with their site, made in php. In the ensuing months they had quite some succes with their site and i discovered the wonders of Lisp. Now they want to add some features and i want to do them in my newly adopted language.

My plan is to infect their site with lisp. First a bit. But then slowly ... step by step .... i want to degrade the lines of php code to zero. Of course this kind of change will not come about without a fight. I know that at least the guys from the label are ok with one or two oddball apps written in Lisp but they are a bit hesitant to let me invade the place with Lisp. Their main argument is what will happen if i won't or can't support their site anymore. Can they find anyone who can and will read my code? They are also a bit hesitant about the capabilities of the technology; will the site still be fast and stable enough?

But in the short run the main obstacle to lisp is our host. The site just moved from a very bad provider to the machine of a well-willing friend. No way the bad provider would install someting so foreign as lisp but the friend has been quoted at saying "I like weirdos, and that includes ... lisp programmers." Well that's better than nothing i suppose. But he does host some professional sites on his FreeBSD machine and he is quite keen on security.

So i figured it would be interesting to see what kind of trouble your joe sixpack programmer runs into trying to get some lisp code running in this kind of environment; technical as well as social trouble. This will be my first Lisp project and the energy i spend writing this blog will force me a bit with staying focussed. It might even help others to see were i did wrong. You never know.


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