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Sun, 27 Feb 2005 15:16:26

There is a battle raging here in Eskilstuna. It's a battle for work, waged by a lonely puppy against all the companies in the area. It's a bitter and hard battle, and so far it has not gone good at all. For the puppy that is...

The trouble with seeking work is that you never feel like you are on an uphill curve untill you actually find a job. Untill then it's just rejection after rejection. Since the second week i've been here, i have seriously started looking for work. I really don't have a preference so i was open for anything. First i started enquiering at the places i had set my mind on in the months before my moving to sweden. I called some likely factories and also then the seeking-work agency owned by the government.

Immediately i started suspecting racist tendencies towards the Dutch when a breadbakery which is always in need for staff didn't even want to put me on their standard waiting list. At the other places they didnt want me either and all of a sudden all my options i had hope in for months were gone. Now what?

Well i made my English CV, i enlisted or tried to enlist trough the working agencies not owned by the government. Me and grrlfriend asked around a bit, wrote an open application to a school to be a teacher, but no goodness could be reaped from those actions. Then came a week of degredation. Nosejobs and apathy fought for attention, or the former one did. the latter one was to bored.

Last week something terrible happened: i got the FEAR. Three weeks had passed in Sweden and there was no job in sight anywhere. I realised three months can go by just as easily with me finding no job. So on monday i wrote letters for six different jobs: carpark cleaner/car counter, apartment cleaner, park maintainer, two as shop assistant at Lidl, and another one. The rest of the week the FEAR grew, which resulted in varying degrees of actual output. At the end i was left with a single advancement on the workfront: an appointment with a textile-washing company for a summerjob.

Earlier on that memorable day i went to a supermarket to ask if i could fill their shelves with supermarket stuff. The manager got down and said they only had jobs for the summer...maybe. 'How can i apply?' i asked on which he asked if i could speak Swedish. 'Liten', i said, 'but by the summer i will probably speak it very good'. Hopefull puppy eyes begged for some hope. 'No i'm sorry', he said. He never was gonna take me anyway, he was just searching for an excuse.

So i had to walk the walk of shame out of the supermarket, but it is also a real problem. People just don't want to hire you if you dont speak the language. And there's nothing you can do about it. Now i am feeling the economic implications of being a foreigner in a country that has no need for you. And then i feel quite ethnic minority, and i dont even have the looks that will trigger scared or racist looks.

But on the work front there is nothing you can do about it really. The more i walk the walk of shame, the more chance i've got that i wont have to. To damn bad i'm not really the mascochist in that way. And the person at the breadbakery wasn't that racist probably. They are closing the factory down and in the near future 200 more people will be battling with me for a job.


on Wed, 02 Mar 2005 11:57:46 Zussss said:

Lieve Ties, Cut your hair!! Joke! Tip: Jeugdherbergen niet in de buurt ik zoek nog verder! Liefs

on Fri, 04 Mar 2005 05:55:39 knaks said:

I believe we made quite a racist (oh well, race...) song about you before you left. Maybe a nosejob will do you some good as well!

on Sat, 05 Mar 2005 07:05:29 ronnie said:

He Ties, just keep on searching. Some day some one will see the qualities you have and begg you to join their compagnie and give you lots off money for you just being present. Keep your hope up.

on Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:26:04 david said:

He there... I have the same problem here Ties, Iva ain't gonna get any work besites cleaning houses if she won't learn dutch...for safety reasons they say here at the office.

on Mon, 13 Feb 2006 07:56:17 tieze said:

Actually, when i was searching for a job, i tried to land a job as a house-cleaner, and i came across this ad. On the bottom they said they needed only people with good speaking and writing skills. GOOD speaking AND WRITING skills??? To read and to recite the critically acclaimed literary cleaning instructions??? Damn racists.

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