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Fri, 28 Oct 2005 06:40:16

I've been struggeling with a particularly persistent cold since i got back from Holland over a month ago. My adopted hometown here in Sweden, Eskilstuna also had some problems in this area last week. I didn't know it at the time but my mother called from Portugal because she had seen the news on the Dutch tv. Finally Eskilstuna got the international attention it deserves. A rich past, a vibrating present. I ammongst many wondered why the world didn't catch on to the unique qualities of Eskilstuna sooner. But now i also knew the news: bird flu

It hit the local duck population and some of them duckies died. That ain't good and already i could hear the firing of shotguns that would go on for days, accompanied by the occasional scream of an innocent bystanders that got between barrel and duck. But grrlfrnd didn't suffer from the language barrier related problems i was facing. And moments after i got these disturbing images she could dispell them by telling me: Swedish bird flu case 'not H5N1'. As opposed to Croatia where they did stumble upon the dreaded H5N1 type just days after the Eskilstuna incident and there they are now mass-murdering chickens.

And China not to forget, but in China there is so much bird flu it's not news anymore. In China it's news when there isnt bird flu anymore. A bit off-topic but in the same article China is blamed for flu in general, including the Spanish flu of 1918. Sure, blame China. Come on America, this is as much an excuse for a war as the one you gave for the one in Irak. Go for it before they get to big!


on Tue, 01 Nov 2005 18:05:28 muf said:

hehehehe excellent

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