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Where's my life
Fri, 25 Mar 2005 02:09:51

So now i lost my life, and i have to find a new one. Going out in the night to, lets say, a pub has as of now become a no-no Nowadays i go to bed at seven. Not in the morning, but at the time normal people have their dinner. Normally I work ten days straight and have four days off before the new cycle of ten. Today i don't have to work because it's easter but i got out of bed at four, because tomorrow i have to work at three and i will get up at two. Got to maintain my rhythm. I can still remember the days that on a saturday i went to bed at six in the morning.

What am i to do with my time? That's the question. This morning i watched the end of a mountain climbing movie with Clint Eastwood. At least the Swedish tv takes into account the non-productive part of the population, which is conveniant for me. I wondered if i maybe would be able to just catch the tail of the Eskilstunian nightlife if i went to the pub straight from my bed. But first of all i don't think there is much nightlife left at three or four in the morning and second of all i didn't yet arrive at that stage in my life that i want to start drinking alcohol as a replacement breakfast. Even though one beer is supposed to be the equivalent of two sandwiches with cheese. But then again cheese has recently been taken out of the advised food charts... Lalala...

Where am i gonna get my fun from? Where am i gonna meet new people? Not at two o'clock in the afternoon. No fun people anyway. By that time those are still lying in their beds with a hangover. Are there any bakery-personell parties going on somewhere perhaps. Maybe i can actually do some CONSTRUCTIVE things with my time? hmm...that's scary. Maybe i should turn the code for this revamped lightning-fast-gmail-style blog into an open source project. Or device a sure way to get out of bed each morning. Oh wait, the constuctive people at MIT already thought of something. Read down for some nice nerd-humour. Hell, it got me through the morning. Now i'm gonna walk the dog.


on Sat, 26 Mar 2005 07:14:21 Christian said:

Hey Ties, your blog inspired me to a song:

on Wed, 30 Mar 2005 06:47:11 tieze said:

well i'll be... i am honoured that my blog may surf on the back of your giant-music-turtle. Set them free and God knows where the tide will take them.

on Sat, 02 Apr 2005 17:33:47 Zussssssssss said:

Lieve Ties, ik mis je een beetje. Lees nu pas je verhalen weer! Zijn nog in Portugal. We bellen je morgen. XXXjeanette

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