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Technical plans
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 14:54:13

I did a bit of looking around and came up with a combination of stuff i want to put on the server. Some things because they look practical and some because they sound very cool. The server is FreeBSD and I wanted to use SBCL as implementation but you know... no multithreading, so i'll go for CMUCL. As web framework i chose Uncommon Web. The idea of continuations seems so cool to me that any objections evaporate. I heard somebody say it's a bit to complicated for newbies to tackle, after which he revealed he himself learned lisp while learning UCW. Wrong tactics i would say. Now i see it as a challenge all of a sudden. Damn him.

Another framework i want to learn is Lisp On Lines. It builds on UCW and should of course be a bit like, oh dare i say the buzzword (yes), Ruby on Rails. Continuations and RoR and the power of lisp combined. Sounds very good in theory, doesn't it? As i understood LoL also uses parenscript for lisp to javascript translation and Dojo, a javasript toolkit for Ajax-type things. And to cover as much buzzwords as i can i want to see if Elephant is usefull, eg storing and retrieving lisp objects from a database, eg persistent objects.

Now a lot of this stuff isn't very mature yet i read, but this project is very much a learning experience, and i'm very well willing to put up with some inefficiency and difficulty to be able to experiment with all these goodies.

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