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> blog post Swallowed by the beast

Swallowed by the beast
Mon, 01 Oct 2007 19:34:13

An update about me is in order perhaps. I know you guys and gals are updating this site daily, so it's only fair. Basically i've quit the bread smearing business. I dunno, it gets boring after a while. I met this guy building his site on Common Lisp (yes at a Lisp meeting, you don't meet these guys in the wild you know), and after some mailing back and fro, some meetings, some programming and some magic handwaving I now work for him.

I am now a proper it office clerk, and loving it. My hair is grey now as well. My broken leg will never be like it was, and i've past the thirty barrier. I'm getting old my friends.

In my new job they do all things differently from my last one. Here people go out for lunch!! They are allowed to go out together!! They talk to each other as well. Well at my job it's just me and my boss. And he's quite cool actually so it's no wonder, but in the office where we camp it seems to be a trend.

And around these parts they use strange terms like 'angel investor' and 'board of directors' in direct connection to our little company. We also hire people from Ukraine and the USA and think nothing of it. That would never happen at my old job. I must say, I haven't quite come to grip with all of this. I'm in a state of trance.

But when i get to my senses i will report back to you, like uncle traveling matt from the fraggle rock.

PS: it would seem that i lost the pictures of this site after a big cleanup. Sorry for that. I feel sad about it myself.

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