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Puppy - bureaucracy: 0 - 1
Thu, 10 Feb 2005 15:44:32

I don't have to remind the reader that government spells bureaucracy. The gloomy impersonal nature of it, on which u can get no grip, has been the subject of many a story. The most famous of course is, do i really have to remind u, 'the twelve tasks of Asterix'. In which one of his tasks in order to become a god is to get permit number A38. Well, i saw it as a kid and little did i know it is actually harder to accomplish stuff in Sweden.

In Sweden it's like this: Everyone has a personal number. If you haven't got a personal number you are no-one. I didn't know this before i actually tried to get things done in this godforsaken land. I want to have a personal number you see. But to obtain a personal number, you have to apply for some kind of citizenship. To get the citizenship, i was told to go to the immigration-bureau in Våströs, a town 14 euros by train from Eskilstuna. There we got two forms which we had to fill in at home.

At home I noticed the woman who helped me in Våströs clearly knew her bureaucracy classics. In stead of EU/EEA Apendix A i got EU/EEA Apendix B. Did this mean another trip to Våströs? No. The forms were also to be found on the internet. So why send me to bloody Våströs in the first place! But grrfriend and me filled in our most personal memories to show we are a couple and we put the application form on the post, as demonstrated on the picture.

Ok, this applying thing is good for in the long run, but we still have to wait 2 to 4 months for our personal number IF we get it. In the meantime i'm still a nobody. This was made clear to me when i tried to apply for a job.

Sweden doesn't have so many private companies like Manpower who do the job-searching for you and take just about half of your paycheck for sitting lazily in their chairs while you do the actual job they got for you. Sweden has a public kind of Manpower which searches for you and leaves you be afterwards, although they have Manpower in Sweden, but i didn't want to confuse you with needlessly long sentences about pointless side-tracks.

Where was i? Ah yes... if you want to be enlisted in the public work-seeking thing, you have to have a personal number. Luckily you can get a temporal personal number if you are applying for a permanent personal number, or so a woman at the public Manpower told me. To obtain it you go to the tax office, she said, so i did. But at the tax office they told me i couldn't get a personal number, unless i had work. Got it? Me neither.

So i decided to phone the migration office for answers. The women i got on the phone did what most Swedes do on official duty: they tell you polite to bother someone else with your problem and they provide you with the phonenumber of the person to bother. So she gave me the number of the tax office. At the tax office they connected me with the company that handles the personal numbers in Sweden. There i got a woman who connected me with a man who told me to call the tax office and press 3 at the first opportunity and three at the second.

At last i got a woman who first tried to get me in touch with the migration-office, then with the local tax office. Since i already did this she had no choice but to listen to my story. Her conclusion was that it was maybe easiest to wait for my permanent personal number. I told her i wanted a job, and that i wanted INFORMATION from her, not her bloody opinion. This was it. I finally found someone who actually had to look something up! After she came back on the phone she told me that i could only get a temporary number if i had work. Which i dont have, so i can not be enlisted at the work agency. She wished me good luck with finding a job.


on Sat, 12 Feb 2005 07:53:32 Jeanette said:


on Mon, 14 Feb 2005 09:52:44 Henny said:

He Ties, Blijkbaar is het bureaucratische gedoe in Zweden net zo erg als inmiddels in Portugal en Nederland. Dinco is dagen bezig geweest info te krijgen over hoe ziektekostenverzekeringen en AWBZ regelingen werken hier in de Algarve. En nu weten we nog niet exact hoe de vork in de steel zit. Nou ja gewoon doorgaan.

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