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> blog post Nazi's chased away from Eskilstuna square by teenagers

Nazi's chased away from Eskilstuna square by teenagers
Mon, 22 Oct 2007 06:22:32

Made an article for a paper i'm gonna write for. They probably won't use it. It's not really news in Sweden, and i'm not at all satisfied with it, but it was damn fun to be where the action was. Charges back and forth between nazi's and counter demonstrators, the healty amount of youngins that gathered and made fun of the nazi's. The wit of these youngins: "I will take that paper of yours and put it in your mamma's arse." It all sort of gets lost in these formal news writings:

Saturday afternoon, around two o'clock, a group of about 14 Nazi's from Svenska Motståndsrörelse gathered on Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna to demonstrate and to hand out papers. A spontaneous counter demonstration of ever growing numbers forced them to retreat.

It was by accident that Vänsterpartist Henric Axell and three companions stumbled upon the group which hadn't asked for a permit. Henric and crew started calling on their mobiles. SSU which has their office next to the square supported them with 30 people. Before long a counter demonstration of about 50 people had formed, shouting "krossa nazister!".

SSU however decided they had to get back to their meeting, heavily thinning out the demonstration. Their place was soon taken however by an ever waxing group of teenagers.

Also a police force of about 15 arrived and the atmosphere got rowdy. Then followed almost a poetic interlude. Nazi's and teenagers gathered together and a discussions broke out in which, amongst others, a fifteen year old nazi desperately tried to convince a group of, what looked like, immigrant boys the importance of defending the white race from dying out.

This SM demonstration doesn't stand alone. Lately the region has seen a heightening of nazi activity. At the same time SM gathered in Eskilstuna, about twenty nazi's of the Info 14 network had gathered on Stora Torget in Nyköping, where twelve left wing activists were taken into arrest by the police.

In Eskilstuna the situation seemed to get out of hand. Around four the number of counter demonstrants had risen to about a hundred, and it seemed like SM wanted to retreat. The police ordered the counter demonstrants to step back 100 meters after which SM marched away, banners up and singing. They were chased by counter demonstrators with the police in between.

Except for some spitting and beatings from nazi's on, amongst others, an innocent bystander while they were retreating, the confrontation ended without casualties or arrests.


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