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Fri, 18 Nov 2005 07:11:55

My friends Alex and Fleur were gonna come over from Holland, yesterday evening. I was gonna get him with a Swedish friend of mine, Axell. Axell's own car broke down the day before that, due to a broken wheel-axel or lager or something. On the front... He was lucky that he was just parking his car and it didn't happen on the freeway. At freeway speed his car would probably have spiralled out of control and he would have suffered a horrible death. That experience caused him to be a bit worried when the backside of his mother's car made funny sounds and wobbles on the way to the airport...

So we went to get A and F. At the airport we had to wait a bit in the car, cause we were early. The temperature in Sweden is now permenently below zero and Axell told the story of how he got stuck in the north of this cold country. He and three others just drove back from a conference of his political party when they stopped for a smoke in the middle of nowhere and the car didn't start anymore. No electrical power. The temperature outside was minus four and it was not much higher inside. The north of Sweden is quite deserted and you can wait for quite a while to be rescued. Freezing to death was on their mind. They had to wait for four hours to be rescued. Enough time to snuggle up with the girl next to him, after that event to be called his girlfriend. Lame excuses will get you anywhere.

Ah yes... getting A and F: We went to the arrival hall of the airport and it turned out their plane had already landed twenty minutes ago. No Alex, no Fleur... Just as we started panicking a bit, we heard an omnimous voice asking me if i could come to the service desk: A and F had missed their plane. He is probably gonna come tomorrow at 22.45 but it poses a bit of a problem. Alex was gonna be the prime speaker at a meeting of a new local left initiative today, slated at six. The posters to announce this are hanging around the fair city of Eskilstuna, and people have planned this event weeks in advance.

I transmitted the news to the proper authorities and me and Axell went back home on an hour and a half drive. As the minutes passed, the irragularities at the back of the car got worse and worse. I thought all would be well, but Axell was a bit more paranoid and got out to investigate, not before he stopped the car at an appropriate spot of course. It was cold and i didn't want to get out but he called me out to check out the left back tire. You know the bolts that keep the wheel screwed to the car? I could screw each of them in about five revolutions BY HAND. By freakin HAND. So the tire almost fell off our automobile. Ok, now please do the maths with me: His own car broke down the day before yesterday very dangerously. His mothers car almost broke down yesterday. His sister is a mechanic and they let her fix all their cars. Clearly i was in the midst of a family feud.

But that's not my buisiness. My buisiness is with Alex. And as i was typing the first part of this entry, still nothing was known about Alex and Fleur, except for the small message we got at the airport. At ten in the morning we didn't know for sure if they were gonna come. What happened? Did they stay in Belgium where they were gonna get their flight or were they were back in Holland? But we had to take action so we went into the freezing cold and changed the date on our flying Duchman announcement leaflets with a magic marker while a local sanitation company tried to suck the sewer smell out of our kitchen sink.

Unfortunately for the setup of this entry they are not missing in action anymore. We got an email with the slightly boring and unfortunate announcement that they had traintroubles and they had neither money to pay for a new flight or a phone call or a hotel to stay for the night in Brussels. But Fleurs dad fixed it with a money infusion on her bank account. So tonight i will meet them on the airport from where we will go to Stockholm to attend the socialist forum, sort of the Swedish social forum, and to party on the 25th birthday of the Ung Socialisterna. Where did my cosy boring life go?????? And i just downloaded Arular van M.I.A. whatever that has to do with anything. But it's cool. To cite Stylus magazine:

"It’s a swaggering, spitting, utterly contemporary album of politically dissident, sexually forthright Anglo-Sri Lankan dubstep bhangra hip-pop IDM in which M.I.A. stars as protagonist, antagonist, chanteuse, MC, exotic schoolgirl tease, graphic artist, chastiser of the immoral, and fun-loving London-living party girl. And all in under 40 minutes, too. It’s special. We’ve not heard it’s like before."

Whoever Stylus magazine may be. Long live the copy paste culture.


on Wed, 23 Nov 2005 13:34:22 marjaars said:

Hey Ties!! Nice to hear and read from you again, still like your stories. Have a good time with A & F and hope everything is allright with the kitchen sink by now. And try avoiding swedish cars, will you? Talk to you later! bye bye

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