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> blog post Let a thousand ucw-tutorials bloom

Let a thousand ucw-tutorials bloom
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 00:34:17

Funny how things go in life. First you have no (written, more biggish) ucw tutorials and then you have two all of a sudden (had to work hard for that hook). And both were inspired by the same thread on c.l.l. i'm sure. I'm sure of the first one because he (Friedrich Dominicus) started the thread and i'm sure of the second one because it is me.

Our intros are sort of the same but i find it quite amusing how we go about it. He started by just making a page on cliki and typing away for a few hours. I got stuck right in the beginning and have been burying myself for days in documenting tools documentation. He just invites anyone to modify and extend his work. And however open source i want to be about things, when it comes to text i get very dictatorial urges. Here are the tutorials:


Both of them are still work in progress. I really wanted to be a bit further on before i was going to release it in the wild but alas: I posted a draft with a lot of buts and ifs on the ucw mailing list to get some comments, and someone, in good faith i'm sure, posted a link to it on reddit. I hope no-one actually tried to use it because the installation instructions were a few days old; e.g. hopelessly out of date. The intro is now updated and now contains the only up-to-date ucw installation instructions on the planet. If you've got complaints about it, in any form or color, please let me know.

You'll probably notice i used Peter Seibels markup library and also his remarkable web-design skills. The library could be a bit more verbose and less strict in it's debugging, but it's nice and quick and it's very easily extendable. Dwight Holman made a tutorial which restrained me from delving into tex and pulled me over the stripe ('not quite an english saying', whispers an imp at the left side of my head).


on Wed, 12 Apr 2006 05:35:17 henrik said:

I really like your tutorial, and it has definitely made me look at my boss in a new angle.

on Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:31:59 wojtekk said:

Your tutorial is comprehensive yet clean, excellent work. 2cents: personally I think wiki is a better approach, but well, I can understand your point. Have you considered using syntax-colorization (vide lisppaste) for examples, it would be extremally cool!

on Wed, 12 Apr 2006 16:18:31 ties said:

Yes colorization would be quite cool. Did lisppaste do paren-matching? I'll check it out.

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