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Hail to the thief
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 12:09:43

Bompalibompa ........ I stole a job in eskilstuna. Ssttt don't tell it's a secret. no it;s not a secret. but i sneeked it in.reeled it in. I got in trough the back door. I got it in my tiny claws and i will hide it somewhere where no-one will see. But i'll doubt that any swedish person will have it. Still i have to be wary of the other immigrants. They hunt too at night. Hunt to kill. But i will not let go so easily of my little job.

I have to make sandwiches. At night. At four o'clock. untill twelve. Or untill ten if i get quicker, which i shouldn't become then. I have to be cunning you know. Got to earn a livin. Got to be weary. They'll give me a half-year contract next week. Or so i'm told. Stay on the ball. Dont let yourself be lulled into sleep. By nice acting bakers and bakers wives. Also got to saboutage the music-system. Nothing but enrique iglesias, shinia twain. And a lot of imitators. Me don't want that. Me get crazy. Especially when there's a cd on and a 90's eurotrash track is on repeat for an hour. Me get very crazy then. But the distance is nice. Yesssssssssss. nice. nice. Six kilometers by bike. last Radiohead in the ears. Good for the legs. Eventually. Got to get some sleep. Am high on lack of it. Not good. But i will sleep and i will work. Do the work that no swedish person will do. A swedish person had the job. just after it was promised to me. But in a week she was gone. No backbone. Thats the problem with the people in this country. No backbone. We immigrants are different. We know how to suffer. We got strong. the swedish are week and it will be their downfall. Now i will get my personal number. Sneaked in through the back door. Suckers. Ha! I'm doing the job they dont want to have. Hey wait a minute!!


on Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:58:27 Zussssssss said:

Lief broertje. Valt best mee he 4.00 u beginnen en 3.30 u op de fiets!Dappere dodo.Fijn om dit weer te lezen en ik ben blij voor je. XXXJ

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