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> blog post migrate-related downtime on the 14th migrate-related downtime on the 14th
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 03:48:59 will be migrated to its new server on Saturday January 14th. I aim at starting the migration around 6PM EST and hopefully I'll be done by midnight; if there are any delays I will post about them where I posted this message ( gardeners mailing list - ed. ). Please plan accordingly, there will be no CVS, web, FTP, SSH or other access during this time period - for testing purposes I may turn these services on and off but please do not try to use them if you discover you can. Also please keep in mind that if the server is not reachable to you after midnight and I haven't posted about extensions your DNS server might now have gotten the updated record. Once complete I will make a post saying everything is ok.

Let me know if there are any concerns with this plan.

Thanks, Erik.

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