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> blog post Benelux Lisp Meeting

Benelux Lisp Meeting
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 18:30:26

There's a BeNeLux lisp meeting next sunday, in the Hague, the Netherlands. From the newsgroup post that flew by a few weeks ago:


Quite a few Lisp users are meeting in the Hague, and hopefully you'll
attend. It'll take place at the comfortable office of a Lisp-using

Sunday, July 1 2007 - 17:00

Joseph Ledelstraat 100
2518 The Hague, Netherlands

If you're moved to offer a talk, please feel free. Pascal Costanza is
offering a talk on the history of reflection and metaprogramming in
the Lisp family. (He'll cover macros, 3-Lisp-style reflection and the
CLOS MOP. Showing the connections between these different approaches).

More info and directions at:


If by astounding coincidence, or last minute booking, some Swedes are gonna fly from Arlanda on friday, or are going back the next monday, post me a mail. We might as well go together.

Some info on sleeping possibilities is to be found on the eurolisp mailing list:

For you that will attend, and have a day to spare, there are some rather nice things to do in Rotterdam around that time. In the area somewhere from now till the first of juli? Go see de Parade. A ratatouille of highly cool/original podium-arts, performed in various tiny circus tents/caravans/etc in het Museumpark.

And in direct competition with the lisp meeting: the free Metropolis music festival on sunday in het Zuiderpark.

Perhaps i'll see you at one of those places. I'll be the one wearing that covertly obvious lisp t-shirt.


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