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Tue, 08 Feb 2005 07:03:09

Yet another interesting day has passed in Sweden-land. Some doggie trouble involving the title of this post. Doggie Sprakkel is a bit sick u see. No, not in that sense. She has some kind of claw disease. So we have to give her medicine. This means i sort of hug her so she can't move an inch, while grrlfrnd forces her mouth open and puts a tablet deep down her throat.

Poor animal. But not poor enough, God thought. One of the effects of this medicine is pooping problems. And indeed poor doggie couldn't poop. Not in the park, not anywhere. Grrlfrnd was quite sure it was because of anal sex. I blinked my eyes a couple of times when hearing this, but she explained differed from english on this point. In the swedish sense it means that some kind of sacks in the anus are irritated and a bit full of some yucky stuff.

Now it was our duty to press on these sacks so the stuff would come out. The pet-doctor instructed us to first cut off the fur around the anus so we could see what we were doing. And well... that wasn't very much fun. As it turned out, the poor doggie's hair had totally klitted together at the back, helped by the sticky powers of poop. It had become a impenetrable wall, over which no poop could climb. As grrlfrnd cut away, poop and hair kept falling on the ground, while i stuck my nose in the fur on the side of doggie to get away from the terrible smell.

After we had given her a backside washing in the bath, doggie seemed to be ok. And today, YES, she pooped again, unashamed and proud like any of her kind.


on Thu, 17 Feb 2005 17:52:25 christian said:

Haha! And MUF wants to have a dog..

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